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Active working top tips

Implementing small-scale changes could be a good starting place for adopting more ‘active’ behaviours and attitudes. Encourage employees to activate and engage their bodies in movement - and also help promote an active working mindset. There are many ways to introduce more dynamic movement into the sedentary working day.

Here are our Top 10:

• Wherever possible, stand during meetings and presentations

• Get up and move around when talking on the phone

• Stay on your feet when waiting for buses, trains and trams

• Use the stairs instead of taking escalators and lifts

• Do simple stretching exercises when sat at your desk: raise your arms, move your neck from side to side, place your hands on your lower back and lean backwards, lift your legs up and down, gently shake your feet

• If it’s absolutely essential for you to sit for a long time, remember to take regular breaks and short walks

• Keep hydrated - pay more visits to the water dispenser (and bathroom!) to boost mobility, tissue health and range of motion. Tip: adding a pinch of salt to the water helps your digestive system absorb fluid and stop it passing straight through

• When needing to communicate with a colleague in the office, go to speak to them to discuss the matter rather than emailing them

• Make time for an outdoor walk during your lunch break

• The best solution of all for desk workers is to use a Sit-Stand Workstation or Sit-Stand Work Platform which enables you to experience a healthy cycle of motion – effortlessly

Posted by Chris Johnson on 24 May 2017