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Agile Working defined

Simply put agile working is:- “To provide modern, flexible, efficient and cost effective workplaces for staff that will facilitate new working practises, improve service delivery and act as a catalyst for change”

Understanding the workplace.

“JS have always believed that the quality of work life is directly influenced by the quality of the surroundings and as part of our ongoing research we collaborate with workplace consultants, academics and analysts to improve our understanding of the work and place”.

What is Agile Working?

Market forces are converging to transform the function and form of the modern office. A significant rise in workforce mobility, breakthroughs in communications technology, and greater emphasis on collaboration, are just three of these convergent forces. While Agile Working is certainly helping organizations to increase efficiency and reduce costs, it’s also enabling them to provide a workspace that better reflects how we work and to fully leverage employees’ dynamic creativity and emotional connection to work

Connection to work.

The office is where we go to be together and work towards a common goal occupying the same space will build teams much faster. Teams with higher trust levels have a higher rate of productivity than others. Agile working provides transparency and builds trust.

Agile Working is for everyone

Agile Working involves changes for the way all people work. It is not a question saying some roles are eligible and some are not. It is true some roles may have more hands-on, place-specific or time-critical components to the work, and this may restrict the range of flexible options that are possible and these are assigned locations. They will however be working with other agile people whose work style is changing: the nature of the tools they use and the interactions with colleagues are likely to change as a consequence.

The Agile Workplace is :

• breaking away from a dedicated desk for every member of staff
• matching activities to work settings
• creating choice

The goal of Agile Working

The move to agile working is to create more responsive, efficient and effective organisations based on more balanced, motivated, innovative and productive teams and individuals, essential ingredients in surviving and thriving in the present economically challenged globalised world. 20th century methods are no longer sustainable in 21st Century organisations. Agile working is no longer an idea on the fringe but has become a mainstream concept that no organisation can afford to ignore

JS can help with the change in your work settings – offering Office Design, Office Interiors and Office Furniture to achieve your business goals.In conjunction with our partners at the Senator Group

Posted by Chris Johnson on 19 November 2014