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Art of the office chair

Form and functionality speak volumes within the office space. JS Online, leading suppliers of office furniture, recognise this and are currently using the humble office chair to bring art to the office, as you’ve never seen it before.

Design, functionality and style can change an environment drastically. The perpetual office chair is the perfect example to demonstrate this in the way that it is positioned, the space in which it fits and the way it is poised as an object not just of functionality, but of aesthetic value.

One of the first things that most employees will take pride in is the work station. From decorating the desk area with pieces of art and sculpture to adding quirky items around the office to give it that contemporary feel - employees generally tend to become a part of the design process whether consciously or unconsciously.

The range of ergonomic office seating from JS keep the spirit of design and creativity alive. From a functionality perspective, the office chair must do its job by maintaining a level of comfort during endless hours seated at the desk. Posture is particularly important however, uncomfortable office seating arrangements often lead to muscular strain and health implications for the office worker.

As a result, the most important thing to top the list of things to look for in a new chair is functionality. Designed to aid posture and provide back support, JS Online’s 800 Series, Aeron Series and Capisco Series provide a sound solution.

Padded in all the right places is the ergonomic office chair from Herman Millar Aeron Design, featuring arms and mesh back. A sleek number, it provides optimum levels of comfort and support.

For an alternative look that adds a creative designer-like ambience to the office, the brilliantly aesthetic Capisco ergonomic chair is a complete marvel. Known as the Hag Capisco Saddle Chair, the quirky design of this unique creation allows bespoke ideal sitting positions, making it a personalised item that can be moulded to suit the individual. It also means that no one can steel your chair!

Contemporary and sophisticated, the 800 series with its high back, head rest and arms is agile enough to swing-roll from the workstation to the filing cabinet, bringing a little fun to the office during those certain “moments”. The optional shorter version with no arms and lower back is perfect for petite members of staff, who can also indulge in such sudden moments of indulgence. Overall, it’s a superb number for comfort featuring simplicity with a twist!

Posted by Chris Johnson on 20 January 2010