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Avoiding That Messy Desk, JS Online Comes To The Rescue

According to new research by experts at the University of Arizona, male employees are three to four times more likely to have cleaner desks than their female colleagues. With this in mind, JS Online, a market leader in the provision of leading supplier of office interiors, boardroom furniture and ergonomic seating, has various options to help improve office cleanliness.

The research suggests that women are more likely to keep food, cosmetics and skincare products either on their desk or in desk drawers, which practically invites bacteria to travel around, resulting in more bacteria.

Chris Johnson, Director of JS Online, which also offers executive office chairs and office interiors, said, “A clean office desk is essential, in not only improving efficiency and productivity but also the health benefits this can have. If you are in the process of buying suitable desks for your office, the team here at JS Online can advise you on top-sellers and some of the bargains we offer.”

The firm also has the following tips, to help the UK workforce maintain a clean desk:

Create a cleaning (including dusting and polishing) schedule and set aside an amount of time every week to carry this out.

Avoid eating at your office desk, as crumbs do attract bacteria. If you have no choice, keep anti-bacterial wipes with you and clean up the crumbs.

Organise your files and folders - if one is not important, it does not need to be on your desk and can be stored away safely. JS Online also offer a range of office storage solutions, which may help you organise your office.

Wipe your keyboard and computer monitor with special wipes, which are available from most stationers, supermarkets and computer shops. This will further help to prevent a build up of bacteria on your desk.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 11 November 2009