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Bad Backs Do Not Sit Well with Employees!

Nearly 60 per cent of office workers suffer from back pain and nearly 40 per cent complain of poor posture because of long hours and bad seating, a recent survey has revealed. Ergonomic chairs are the answer, but how many companies use them?

The survey, known as ‘Deskbound’ was carried out by One Poll and commissioned by Norwegian seating experts, HÅG to help educate employers of the long term health benefits of having good office seating.

The results of the survey were mildly shocking but not surprising; 25 per cent of office workers felt guilty for taking a lunch break, the only time in the day when they get a break from sitting at a desk all day, making them a luxury for a quarter of the 2,000 people surveyed. Having a heavy workload was the reason over half of the surveyed remained immobile at their desks and unwritten rules in the workplace was the reason 28 per cent of people remained at their desks. A massive 69 per cent of people surveyed said they would like a say in choosing their office furniture because it contributes to better backs and posture, giving them motivation to work.

A miniscule 19 per cent of employees are given proper advice by their employees to keep moving and keep active regularly and a shocking 55 per cent of employees said they did not feel their workplace cared about their welfare. 57 per cent said they would be far more tempted to join a company if it had invested in comfortable chairs.

Chris Johnson, Director of JS Online, the UK’s leading provider of ergonomic seating and office desks, said: “It is shocking how few employers give the correct advice to their employees about regularly moving around to avoid seized and cramped muscles and encourage good blood circulation.

“This has been a prime reason, along with bad seating, for back problems and posture related injuries. Having good quality seating with the right advice right from the beginning can help avoid these problems and create a better working atmosphere.”

The range at JS Online is designed to keep these problems at bay. Robin Lansman, a member of the British Osteopathic Association said: “Employers who invest in appropriate ergonomic office furniture can go a long way towards safeguarding their employees’ health and wellbeing. In order to fully reap the benefits, employees should remain ‘posture aware’ and understand how their chairs operate.”

Posted by Chris Johnson on 25 May 2010