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Top 5 Bench Desk Benefits

Bench desk systems have been steadily growing in popularity for a number of years. JS Online has numerous bench desking ranges reflecting a broader market trend that is being driven by changes in working practices, corporate culture and collaborative technology.

Our Top 5 Benefits:

Encourages communication

Bench desking brings people together and that is why it is currently favoured for collaborative work spaces. The bench format breaks down visual and spatial barriers and encourages spontaneous communication between people and groups.

Bench systems look great

The simplicity of a bench system gives it a very distinct aesthetic appeal that lends itself well to modern open plan offices.

Cable management

A heap of tangled wires looks untidy. One of the major benefits of benching is that it features integrated cable management, so the clean lines of your bench system won’t be tarnished by a tangle of cabling.

Space efficiency

Benching is very space efficient and the format makes it easy to space plan especially using 1200 and 1400 sized desk tops.

Easy to extend

Additional workstations can easily be added. This can be an advantageous cost saving by sharing components.

The office furniture you choose will ultimately depend on many different factors, including personal preference, company culture, working practices and your budget. Some people will still prefer a more traditional desk. However, if your objectives are to encourage collaboration, deliver space efficiency or give your office environment a modern twist, benching may be the right option for many projects.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 28 April 2016