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Boost Your Green Credentials

We’ve all heard of the government’s initiatives to get the British public to save more energy and reduce their carbon emissions. As it stands, the average Briton’s annual carbon footprint is just under 11 tonnes. The idea of being “green” is something that much of society has to get to grips with; many people still feel that they alone cannot make a difference, and that the onus is on gigantic corporations to make the first step.

Eco-friendly furniture - keeping carbon footprint low

JS Online, online suppliers of office furniture and office interiors are making it known that they are doing their part. Keeping their carbon footprint as low as possible, JS Online has maintained a solid reputation for being an eco-conscious company. Chris Johnson, Director of the firm who specialise in office desks and office seating, said, “Our clients realise the importance of being green, and we do too. That’s why we stock a wide range of eco-friendly furniture and try to cut waste to the absolute minimum.” Working closely with Senator, an Environmental Standard accredited company devoted to sustainability in the workplace, JS Online are helping other companies al over the UK to keep their offices green. Providing the best selection of Senator furniture, you can rest assured that your office desks, storage and seating are as environmentally-friendly as possible.

The fully-upholstered Aura conference chair for example, consists of 58.46 per-cent recycled content, and is 99.26 per-cent recyclable. For desks, JS Online recommend the Fairway model which is 99.64 per-cent recyclable and has 42.88 per-cent recycled content. In addition with we can recycle all the packaging materials used on the furniture and even offer a furniture reprocessing service for old furniture replaced by new Senator products Mr Johnson added, “The environment is something that affects everyone, and so it’s obviously important to look after it for future generations. Anything that we as a company and as individuals can do to help, we will endeavour to do.”

Posted by Webmaster on 20 May 2009