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Breakout seating the ultimate productivity booster at the office?

The office doesn’t need to be a constant bubble of formality. Add a little colour, eccentricity and life into communal areas for break time and be amazed at the results.

JS Online have been supplying office furniture to businesses for the best part of 40 years and have launched a range of office seating for communal areas. The effects of jazzing up shabby communal areas with a splash of colour promotes a feel-good factor amidst staff, hence improving both productivity and morale.

With this in mind, the company have invested in a significant level of research to develop a portfolio of breakout office seating for those informal moments at the office. Appealing to different office and business environments, the company has launched an aesthetic and ergonomic range that includes styles that are innovative, creative, distinctive, practical, economical, eccentric and simple.

Durability and value for money top the list for most when selecting seating. With this in mind, JS Online have ensured a collection that is both affordable and of a high standard of quality. From chic, stylish and relaxed office chairs to quirky and eccentric, there is something for every type of office. According to the company, the type of seating arrangement often matches the character of an organisation as well as the nature of its business. Distinctive and eccentric seating such as the Turtle Club range is superb for design and creative companies. In contrast, the modern stylish design of Inter is versatile for the communal areas of many different corporations.

Comfortable and welcoming for staff is the office seating range called Tubby, perfect for those coffee moments and well deserved staff breaks. Depending on the type of business, something as versatile as stacking chairs are perfect to utilise as casual office seating for their simple and practical characteristics. Meanwhile, cafes and restaurants can cater for both staff and clients with seating arrangements from the likes of Vent or even GEO.

It is incredible how the swift and simple movement of changing a few chairs can make a positive difference to the office environment and how a versatile collection can create endless possibilities for communal space design!

Posted by Chris Johnson on 14 January 2010