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Bright and beautiful - Using glass in office design

Open-plan work spaces have been in existence since the 1950s and went on to form the basis of the traditional office. Various office interior solutions are available to achieve both a productive and efficient work space. 70 to 80 per cent of offices worldwide are still open plan, many companies are now finding that the negative aspects of disruption and lack of privacy are resulting in working habits that are not always as efficient as they could be. Ultimately, it is now in agreement that open plan cannot suit the wide range of work styles that are present in the average workplace. The result is a clear growth in demand for light, adaptable offices which still allow for privacy when required. The ultimate goal is for an interior that is both collaborative and private, providing the best of both worlds with a typically clean-look seemingly favoured.

The continued demand to produce a light and bright office, which naturally suggests that glass has to remain the material of choice, whilst ramping up the acoustic specification is something that manufacturers have had to consider. This has resulted in the creation of acoustically sound glass partitioning which not only provides the right aesthetic, but can provide privacy or an area for undisrupted work when needed. Glass Partitioning systems are now available which provide up to 58dB sound attenuation with even fully glazed options reaching 50dB. Floor to ceiling glass partitions can also provide up to 60 minutes fire resistance.

Development in partition joints can additionally provide a completely flush aesthetic, especially when installed alongside frameless offices and doors.. Seamless transition from glazed to solid elevations also provides further flexibility to provide the essence of an open plan layout, without the need for full exposure. For end-users who are placing a large investment in creating the ultimate creative space for employees, this attention to detail can go a long way to achieving their vision.

Should you not wish to have fitted partitioning, we offer a varied selection of free standing glazed screens systems, allowing you to dived specific area for meetings or simple breakout areas. Available in clear or frosted finishes they add a touch of class to your office environment whilst giving your complete flexibility

Whatever your office design at JSonline we can shine some light in your office space

Posted by Chris Johnson on 23 May 2014