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Busting Those Ergonomic Myths With JS Online

One of the pitfalls of modern society is that we are all being told what not to do, not to eat salt, not to wear stilettos and lastly not to slouch! For decades, ergonomic specialists have told us to pay more attention to posture, but with so many myths and facts surrounding posture and seating it can be a confusing process - That is until now! The experts at JS Online, the office furniture specialists, are indulging in a spot of myth-busting to find out if posture, office seating and ergonomics really matter.

Chris Johnson, Director at JS Online, the firm who offer not just office furniture but office furniture repairs and a office interiors refurbishmant service, said “Contrary to popular belief, the wrong kind of seating can in fact cause undesirable effects. It may seem surprising that something which is so cheap to replace can have such an adverse effect, but those who often find themselves being distracted because of spasm in their lower back often only have their choice of seating to blame.”

Information widely available from the Spine-Health website, states that, “Millions of people are sitting in a badly made chair or are sitting in a way that can cause chronic back pain and undue suffering.” What’s even more astonishing is that back spasms, neck pain, headaches and upper limb disorders can all be caused by unsatisfactory office seating.

Supporting this view, A recent report compiled by back care and the TUC suggested that back pain is a problem for almost two thirds of small businesses and with an astonishing one in five workers suffering from the dreaded ailment is it any wonder that companies are crying out for solutions? Experts are positive that the way forward lies in educating the workforce, increased mobility and ergonomic office furniture, primarily ergonomic seating.

Mr Johnson, whose sales of ergonomic seating, have gone from strength to strength, added, “As well as purchasing ergonomic designs, it is important that posture it improved as well. If you have an ergonomic office seat at work and go home to slouch over the dinner table or whilst watching TV you will still have problems.”

To reduce these problems in all aspects of your life, it is important to make sure that for spine protection, your ears are in line with tops of your shoulders, and that your shoulders are in line with your hips. For those wanting to reduce shoulder strain, it is important to keep your upper arms relaxed and as close to the body as possible. Lastly try and keep you knees below the line of your hips.

Mr Johnson added, “At JS Online we are providing more and more ergonomic designs to cope with the increased demand. The hugely stylish Herman Millar Aeron design with arms and mesh back is a great seller at the moment, along with our Office Chairman Physio. This is a 24-hour chair ideal for those who suffer with back problems. For the eco friendly sufferer, the H03 task chair is a fantastic option for those prone to back and neck problems. In the past 6 to 12 months it seems that employers are really taking responsibility for work-related injuries and really want to do something about it.”

Jennifer Longmore, from Injury Prevention Ltd, said, “According to the Health and Safety Executive, employers have a legal and moral responsibility to their workers to provide adequate equipment. This is particularly important in a job where you are maybe not able to vary work, take frequent breaks or are forced to do a very stressful job.”

Posted by Chris Johnson on 22 January 2009