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Cost-Effective Ways To Get That Re-Fit

Most businesses understand the benefits of refurbishing or refitting their working environments - the positive influence on staff morale; productivity and loyalty are well documented. However, the cost of a professional design and build project, particularly in the current economic climate, can often result in it being postponed or significantly downgraded.

Ultimately the well being of staff cannot be overlooked, and this is why JS Online, a market leader in the provision of office interiors, office furniture and ergonomic seating, are now offering a leasing option for companies in need of a re-fit.

Worn out furniture and uncomfortable office chairs are an absolute no no for employers looking to get the best from their workforce, as we all know - a happy workforce is a busy workforce. To achieve this employees need a comfortable and practical work environment within which to fulfil their roles.

JS Online, who have been providing office furniture and office interiors for over 40 years, are now providing a leasing service offering a cost effective way of spreading the cost over any period of up to five years. This means businesses can reap the rewards of a refit immediately, without the upfront capital expenditure regardless of whether it is an office, hotel, shop or warehouse.

JS Online’s leasing service can help overcome budget limitations, ease cash flow, and the payments are 100% tax allowable and totally flexible. They provide a wide range of quality furniture including office desks, tables, screens and storage options as well as a wide range ergonomic seating and office chairs. JS Online’s specially designed ergonomic seating range provides comfortable and fully supportive office chairs which, when compared with standard office chairs, are guaranteed to improve the health and efficiency of employees.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 9 March 2009