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Does Your Office Fail The Tidy Test? Smarten Up With JS Online!

With office hoarding on the increase, and a trend which has seen many offices downsizing in order to cut their costings, JS Online the specialist providers of executive office chairs and ergonomic seating are encouraging firms everywhere to clean up their act.

Promoting the benefits of office storage, as a means of increasing floor space, boosting productivity with the view that an organised office encourages an organised mind and making documents much easier to find, JS Online are on a quest to make storage more accessible than ever before.

Chris Johnson, Director at JS Online, the market leaders in executive office chairs and ergonomic seating, said, “At JS Online we can provide a comprehensive range of office storage solutions so if you are looking for simple modular storage products such as filing cabinets or side opening tambour cupboards or something more purpose specific such as a high density archive filing system, we can certainly find something to suit your needs.”

For offices where storage really is of the essence and space is kept to a minimum, considering a storage wall may be the answer. Providing you with you up to 2.5 per-cent times more filing per square metre as a traditional filing system, a floor to ceiling storage wall could save you time and boost the productivity of your workforce.

Alternatively, for offices where just a small storage system is required, Bisley Multi drawer is the ideal companion. Boasting a collection of modular elements that are available in a variety of finishes, it is great value for money and makes a stylish addition to any office space.

Mr Johnson from the firm who offer everything from office chairs to office storage solutions, added, “In the current economic climate, storage allows you to downsize to a smaller office space in order to save money and it will aid you in your quest for higher profit margins. I would advise anyone looking for office furniture solutions to visit our website, and if need be speak to one of our advisors, who will be very happy to advise you on how to downsize and cut your costs.”

Posted by Chris Johnson on 9 July 2009