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Don’t Be Strapped for Space go To JS Online!

Office storage can be a hassle if you do not know where to go or what to choose. Leading office furniture supplier, JS Online, have a range of storage solutions to suit all requirements and budgets.

Getting your storage right is the first step to moving into a new office, or even revamping a current one. Whether it is simple storage solutions like filing cabinets that you need, or a full out refurb, you can be sure that JS Online have all the storage solutions you need.

If you want to save on cost, why not try a storage wall? It can save up to two and a half times as much filing per square metre as traditional filing equipment does, and wall storage is available in wood or metal to get the desired look for your office environment.

An example of this are the archival storage system, manufactured my Moresecure, it features a range of different shelf sizes for different equipment and comes in a modern metal finish. Ideal for modern-style offices and for people who want to save money, this wall storage solution is guaranteed to save you space and give you value for money.

Another wall storage solution from the office seating providers is the Triumph LM Flexible combination unit. Featuring an array of doors, shelf spaces and flippers, this handy and trendy looking storage device will look great in any office as well as providing ample storage space for all your office essentials.

For the ultimate in wall storage solutions, go for the Spacestor Storewall High Density Floor to Ceiling Storage System. It does what it says on the tin; provide a high quality floor to ceiling storage space where you can store anything from files to computer screens and more. Available in a wooden finish, it can add warmth to any office instantly.

The office desk experts also sell a range of filing cabinets such as the Triumph two, three or four drawer filing cabinets. Finished in a metallic coating, these filing cabinets are not only extremely practical to keep those important files in order, they also look stylish and will jazz any office space up.

Finally to add a bit of colour to your desk, as well as have a handy storage space for your small essentials, why not try the Bisley steel pedestals. Available in a range of funky colours to match your office colour, they feature three lockable drawers to store office essentials in and will add a splash of colour to any office space.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 24 March 2010