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Fix It If it’s Broken at JS Online!

Broken furniture can be a real nuisance. It looks bad and can create a negative ambience, whether at home or at work. Leading office furniture suppliers, JS Online, have a furniture repair service that could save you as much as 75 per cent on the cost of buying brand new furniture.

With over 40 years of experience, JS Online are the experts when it comes to office seating and ergonomics, as well as interior fit-outs and furniture hire. Their staff have a vast range of skills that can save you time and money when it comes to buying or hiring furniture. Their furniture repair service offers many options and alternatives to buying completely new furniture.

They repair everything from seating to screens and from wood to metal. Their seating re-upholstery can transform a dull, faded and ripped chair into a useful and functional piece of furniture, to be used for many more years to come. Ripped screens can also be re-upholstered to avoid creating a bad working environment and make the office look unwelcoming.

In addition to this, the firm that also does office interiors, offers beautiful French polishing to make your woods look glossy to perfection with a deep colour. They also offer replacement parts for different furniture items and all of their work is guaranteed to last.

Chris Johnson from JS Online said: “We understand how important it is that your furniture looks good. It can create a good impression on business clients at work and unexpected guests at home. Ripped or faded furniture gives out a negative message and can create a bad working environment.

“Our guarantee means your furniture will look great for longer and save you immense amounts of money that can come with buying new furniture.”

So if you have broken or faded furniture but would like to make it last, get it renovated at JS Online.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 16 March 2010