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Get the Perfect Table for Your Office

The right type of table can make a world of difference to an office, whether your office is at home or away. Leading office interiors stockists JS Online stock a wide range of office tables to suit all needs and budgets, so you can create that perfect place of work.

Whether you want a conference and boardroom style setting, tables for a meeting room, breakout tables, or just a simple coffee table, the office desks specialists have it all. The tables combine style with functionality and will transform a dull office in to a stylish haven. Some of their tables can even be folded away at the end of the day or when not needed, to create extra space.

JS Online stock a variety of designs in wood, glass and metal finishes, such as the Bobbin which can be used as a waiting table in a reception or a breakout table. Manufactured by Connection, It has a glass top and comes with various base options.

Another stunning table for use in a reception area is the Gloss Reception Table. It has a circular design and comes with a choice of glass or veneer tops and wooden legs, and has been manufactured by Connection.

For conference and boardroom style settings there is the Fulcrum 38 for smaller office spaces. Manufactured by Sven Christiansen, this conference table is made especially for conference spaces and boardrooms and comes with a 38mm top and veneer finish.

The Harley Standard Table is perfect for larger conference or boardroom spaces. Manufactured by Senator, the table comes with flexible top shapes and base options, to create a range of different looks that can suit different ambiences and meet individual requirements.

Aside from fantastic office desks and tables, JS Online also stock a range of office seating such as office chairs, ergonomic seating, boardroom chairs, executive office chairs and visitor office chairs if your business deals with clients face-to-face on a daily basis.

You can also hire office furniture out for those new business start-ups where costs can easily mount up. An office desk and chair can be hired for as little as £15 for a week long period, making it an ideal way to transform an empty office without overspending

Posted by Chris Johnson on 15 February 2010