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Glass - creating an open-plan ambience within office buildings

A lot is made of open-plan offices being good for business. By allowing the maximisation of floor space, they increase the feeling of inclusivity and encouraged staff to integrate and collaborate. Aesthetically, they maximise natural light and an overall modern look is achieved.

Conversely, open-plan offices can cause workers to lack privacy and be distracted from the work at hand and result in reduced efficiency – the noise from overheard conversations, printers and phones ringing can cause work rates to plunge.

An all-round solution to these issues is to include glass partitions within the office’s design. Offering a creative and effective solution for any modern interior office fit our glazed systems provide maximum transparency and an elegant appearance

JS online can offer permanent solutions with Frameless Glass Partitioning fixed to ceilings, floors, walls with additional door frames for a complete look. Where noise reduction really is key to your environment a solution is to use thicker insulating glass which will insulate sound to over 40dB, allowing employees to work with far less disturbance.

For a modern, urban look in any office interior design, JS online have a range of flexible Glazed Screen Systems that meets the needs of the any end user. Freestanding with virtually no installation, they can be positioned as desired, which allows for a versatile design to be created depending on individual requirements.

Such solutions overcome many of the common practical challenges of open-plan office environments, creating an upmarket and productive ambience where colleagues can work together collaboratively.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 14 May 2019