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Hire furniture for your next conference or exhibition with ease

Businesses across the country are naturally looking to make the best of conference season this year. No-one’s finding it particularly easy at the moment, but you will of course want to continue building for the future of your company or enterprise, and a show stopping appearance at a conference or exhibition can afford you a wealth of opportunities to do just that.

If you’re having an event during the conference season and don’t have either the space or budget to buy new furniture specifically for event use, it’s well worth considering hiring office furniture for this very purpose. Ideally you wouldn’t want to take your permanent office furniture along to an event, as this is not ideal for either the event or the office space you’ve left back at your company’s base. Rather than giving yourself unnecessary expense buying furniture that you only need in the short term and will then need to worry about storing for the rest of the year, you can now hire desks, office seating and attractive chill our furniture for the more casual areas of your stand at low cost from office furniture specialists, JS Online.

JS Seating and Desking have an excellent range of office furniture available for hire at extremely competitive prices. With an office desk and chair available for hire for a week for under £15, you can pick up an excellent bargain and enjoy peace of mind, leaving you to focus on getting your event organised.

The hire furniture available from JS Seating and Desking is also excellent quality, so it allows you to create a professional and contemporary impression at those all important conferencing events. These events are of course primarily about marketing your brand or services, and making productive, valuable connections within your company’s field. Creating the right impression is essential in these situations, particularly if you’re a new company on the way up and people perhaps don’t already know anything about you. Choosing top quality, stylish furniture for these events is a straightforward way to make a clear impression of professionalism.

Accessory items

For conferences, seminars and events, you will often find that you require additional pieces of furniture and equipment that your daily business operation perhaps does not have a use for. JS Seating and Desking also provide such items as flip charts, lecterns, literature stands, screens and barriers, which can come in handy both on the day and after the event during follow up meetings and presentations.


For hire furniture, you can choose between a diverse range of options and styles, including executive and boardroom tables, reception, folding and banqueting tables, reception sofas and comfortable chairs, office and conferencing chairs, all in a huge variety of visual styles, enabling you to choose according to the branding image that you want your company to present.

The JS Seating and Desking website contains informative listings of all of these items, together with images to give you a sound idea of what the furniture looks like. Should you require any further information, advice or guidance as to which solutions would be best for your needs,

Posted by Chris Johnson on 1 October 2010