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Does your office comply with health and safety legislation?

Although the average office clearly isn’t such a dangerous working environment as a building site or a factory, there are still many dangers present. Unfortunately accidents still happen in the office, leading to employee health issues and loss of productivity. To try and keep this to a minimum, health and safety legislation is in place to set out guidelines for safe office conduct.

The main piece of legislation that refers to workplace conditions is the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992. This piece of legislation covers the main considerations that need to be taken into account with workplaces, such as lighting, toilets, space and ventilation.

There are more specific concerns however if you manage or run an office workspace:

Ensure employees have proper seating and equipment

Providing correct and compliant office furniture and equipment can help reduce injuries such as RSI, and posture and lumbar problems can by remedied with the appropriate office seating.

Control and manage wiring

Today’s modern office is one full of electronic equipment, and subsequently wires. These wires can be one of the most potent threats in the office if not managed and tidied efficiently and correctly. Investing in office furniture that comes with appropriate cable tidying and management facilities can really help reduce these risks. If you have existing desking JS have a range of Office ancillaries including cable management and CPU holders to keep things in order

Adequate storage

Inadequate office storage can often provide serious problems, as equipment, stock, files and folders are left around and can provide tripping hazards; this can be best and most easily remedied by investing in appropriate and sufficient storage, leaving things on the floor is a recipe for disaster.

It is also important that your office interior is well and appropriately furnished away from desks. This is important for the comfort, happiness and safety of both employees and visitors alike. Breakout tables and desks are ideal for staff areas; they can help provide space and sections situated away from workspaces. They also give somewhere for hot drinks to be enjoyed away from PCs, again another serious safety issue.

In addition to your employees it’s important to consider the comfort and safety of your visitors. This can help be ensured by providing visitor office chairs, and waiting areas.

In today’s offices safety is just as important as comfort and as functionality. Fortunately JS Online has the perfect range of office furniture and equipment to ensure your office is safe, practical and attractive.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 15 October 2010