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If It Is Broke(n), Fix It!

According to JS Online, the office furniture specialists, thousands are turning their furniture dilemmas, into huge savings this Spring with a growing trend towards fixing existing furniture instead of buying brand new designs, giving a brand new meaning to the phrase ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’.

Chris Johnson, Director at the company who offer everything from ergonomic seating, office interiors, office desks and chairs said, “The UK is officially in recession and many businesses are thinking on their feet by cutting costs wherever necessary. As many businesses are facing collapse, those who are weathering the storm are keen to reduce everything from energy costs to staffing numbers in order to stay afloat. This is why repairing your broken office furniture could be a very cost effective option.”

Office furniture repair in 2009 is much more than patch working, JS offer office seating re-upholstery, screen re-upholstery, wood and metal frame repair, French polishing and replacement parts. What’s more, with savings of up to 75 per-cent over renewal, thinking on your feet could save you vital pounds in the long-term.

Contributing towards the reduction in C02 emissions, and improving your environmental footprint, repairing your old office furniture will also help to reduce landfill and do your bit to help the new Government recycling targets, which aim to reduce landfill by 75 per-cent by 2010.

Mr Johnson added, “Just because we are going through hard times economically, there are ways that we can all help the environment whilst saving money, it seems too good to be true but it is a reality. It is very easy to pay hundreds for a new office desk or to replace dowdy office seating, but you could easily re upholster your old chairs, for the very latest tend or to create a much fresher look in your workplace.

“It is essential that whichever company you choose, that they can execute fast turn arounds, for minimal impact on your workforce and provide repairs at the very highest quality. Don’t be afraid to get testimonials or even get in touch with a companies’ past clients to get the real lowdown of the service they provide, after all we all want to be saver savvy in 2009 and tighten our belts accordingly, the last thing any of us want is to waste money on sub standard office furniture repairs.”

Posted by Chris Johnson on 24 February 2009