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Increase Productivity, Decrease Inefficiency

Productivity advantages from the right and comfortable office furniture. In these tough economic times companies are looking to squeeze everything they can from their workforce. However one area that is often overlooked when it comes to maximising productivity is office furniture and workspaces. Having the right products and organisation tools from office furniture specialists, JS Online, can greatly improve the productivity and satisfaction of a workforce, yielding better results.

The firm offers an ingenious design service, which not only makes your workspace look great, but also helps to motivate staff and cut out sick days. With the office interiors services, you’re sure to see morale, creativity and efficiency levels go up, and sick notes and low team morale go down.

They start off with a thorough analysis of what your workplace needs and then recommend products and services according to that. They take into account square footage, storage, whether you need breakout areas, meeting rooms, kitchens and common rooms, etc. They then do drawings based on their finding and fit furniture into that design. Their concept drawings actually show you how it will look and feel and their space planning show you how the new layout will work in your new space.

The finishes and fittings section shows you different textures and colours based on your brand requirements, and what really inspires your staff to do better. They then move on to the actual office furniture such as office desks, office seating and even ergonomic seating, to see what fits in with your design and what works with your budget. At the end of it all, you’ll have an office space that looks brilliant and feels inspiring, both to your employees and to you.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 3 March 2011