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Is It Time For A New Chair?

You spend most of your working hours in it and at times you may feel that it is your only form of support in the workplace. Yes, your office chair works very hard for you. But has it had its day? JS Online, who specialise in office furniture and office interiors, have devised a guide to help you find a chair that fits you just right.

As trivial as it may seem, your office seating plays a substantial role in your productivity, as well as the productivity of your team. An uncomfortable chair can hinder your concentration and is bad for your posture.

A recent medical study has shown an increase of lower back problems in office workers, and ergonomic experts blame fatigued chairs that can no longer give the support that your body needs. A well made ergonomic chair, such as the award-winning Aeron chair by Herman Miller, corrects your posture and curbs your natural instinct to slouch over your desk, which exerts a large amount of pressure on your spinal discs and back muscles.

So how long have you had that chair that you’re sitting in? Research shows that a good quality chair that is used for eight hours a day, five days a week can last for up to ten years. If the foam padding has lost its pliability and has sunken in, the chair will be quite uncomfortable, as you will be able to feel the frame of the chair rather than the padding.

Keeping track of your office seating’s age and condition is also important for health and safety regulations. Broken castors make a huge difference to the stability of the chair, and the likelihood of a fall from the chair is increased if it has an uneven number of working wheels.

Another vital point to consider is the impression that your office interiors give to a prospective client. One of the first things you will say to a visitor to your workplace is “Have a seat”, and a jaded chair with rips and a sunken seat says more about your workplace than you’d think. A modern office chair shows that you realise the importance of fine details and that you take pride in your workplace. JS Online also supply a vast range of contemporary reception seating , which can make a positive impact on your clientele.

With a wide range of quality furniture including office desks, tables, screens and storage options as well as a wide range ergonomic seating and office chairs, JS Online are proud to be able to offer an unparalleled portfolio of products together with the benefits of dealing with a single supplier.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 5 May 2009