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JS Online Going Green

Being eco friendly in today’s world is extremely important. Many people feel they alone cannot make a difference and so the pressure for big firms to take that big first step is huge. Leading providers of office furniture, JS Online are doing their part to keep the planet green.

Their range of eco-friendly office furniture is the way they keep their carbon footprints as low as possible. It is estimated that the average British person’s annual carbon footprint is just under a massive 11 tonnes and so JS Online have made it known they are doing as much as possible to try and reduce this number.

Working closely with firms such as Senator, which itself is an Environmental Standard accredited company which is dedicated to sustainability in the workplace, the firm which also specialises in office interiors, is helping companies nationwide to go green and employ eco friendly practices in the workplace, starting with the furniture they buy!

When you buy a fully upholstered Aura Conference Chair from the company, for example, you are getting 58.46 per cent recycled content and is 99 per cent recyclable. If you’re looking for eco-friendly desks, the firm recommends the Fairway Desk which is also 99 per cent recyclable and is made from 42.88 per cent recyclable content. In addition to this, all the packaging materials can be recycled and JS Online also provide a furniture reprocessing service for your old furniture which is then replaced by new products from the Senator range.

Chris Johnson, a Director of JS Online said: “The environment is something that affects us all and so it’s obviously important to look after it for future generations. We’re doing everything we can to reduce carbon footprint and encourage our clients to do the same. Together we can make a difference to the environment and keep it as clean as possible for the future.”

Posted by Chris Johnson on 21 May 2010