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Maximise productivity with a workstation assessment

Office space can be expensive and precious, so it is essential to ensure that this space is being used effectively and efficiently. A workstation can significantly affect the mood, morale and productivity of an employee. In tough economic times, companies are constantly looking for ways to maximise the output that a business and their employees produce, however the importance of an optimised workstation is often overlooked. JS Online, who are the best source for office furniture in the UK can undertake an extremely beneficial and useful workstation assessment, which can prove very successful in increasing the performance of a company.

Getting the most out of a workforce is critical to getting the most out of a company. An optimised workstation can increase productivity, increase motivation and reduce staff turnover which all help contribute to a higher customer satisfaction, the ultimate aim and goal of any business.

JS Online have a succinct strategy to assessing the relationship between a worker and his and her workstation, and how they fit. Firstly JS Online will look at the job being done and the demands on the worker, as this is essential to understanding the requirements of the workstation. Secondly the equipment currently being used, such as office desks will be assessed, judging its suitability for the designated tasks. And finally the physical environment of the workstation will be judged, with considerations such as lighting, heating and noise.

This assessment will allow JS Online to determine the efficiency of a workstation, and allow a report to be created on how to improve this. JS Online stock a wide range of office furniture which would be perfect for creating the perfect workstation, including ergonomic seating, stylish desks, and clever storage.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 9 December 2010