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Move Management Helps You Move Offices Effectively

Moving office is no easy task. Most business owners will know the stress and hassle that comes with moving to a new place of work. The leading providers of office furniture, JS Online provide a Move Management service that will take the hassle out of moving and ensure a smooth move.

They undertake various different studies to make sure you receive the best possible service. They assess means of access, safe guarding of assets, identification and labelling, floor plans and layouts, computer networking, so you’re connected the minute you move in, and IT and telecommunications.

Chris Johnson, Director of the office desks supplier, said: “The service we provide is second-to-none. We not only manage the process from the start to the client actually moving in, we assess each individual client’s needs and requirements to make sure the service they get is individually tailored.

“We offer exceptional value for money, whilst ensuring the quality of service isn’t compromised. Our client base is wide, ranging from public and private companies to schools and colleges. Whatever your requirements, we are confident that we can provide it.”

The office interiors specialists start off with a free consultation so they can understand your needs and requirements fully. As well as talking to you about your existing arrangements and immediate requirements, they talk to you about your longer term plans so they can create a space which will reflect this growth in the future. You have your very own consultant who comes to discuss your plans and then creates a quote with their suggested solutions and how they can work for your business. Once a project is in progress, you are assigned your own experienced project manager to maintain control over every aspect of the project, and are kept up to date with everything that is going on by your project manager.

After the initial consultation project, the office design experts provide state-of-the-art in house CAD design systems and professionals, as well as space management software to help you get the most space efficient and cost effective office space. They can provide 2D and 3D visuals to help you visualise what the finished space will look like. Everything is taken into account by the experts at JS Online, from cable management for neat and tidy wiring to practical considerations regarding the space you have in your new office. Lighting and air-conditioning are also given importance especially for open plan offices. They always want to make sure that your team are comfortable, not only on a practical level, but also on a physical level, in terms of physical space.

Whether you have moved office before or it is your first time, the experts at JS Online know how stressful it is, and so they do everything to ensure your move is as easy as possible. They take care of all current regulations such as health and safety, environmental control, waste management and fire safety, for complete peace of mind.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 2 March 2010