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New Year New Office Investment

Forget spring cleaning, New Year makeovers are the way forward for office interior design and what better way to kick start the year than a new lick of paint, fresh inspiration and a new range of office furniture.

Credit crunch woes may be set to stay for 2009, but office design and ergonomics are business critical issues, effecting not just morale amongst employees but productivity.

Sales Director at office furniture specialists, JS Online, Paul Narramore, said, “The first few weeks of the New Year have been manic for us here at JS Online. It seems that office makeovers for the New Year are the way forward for firms hoping to turn their fortunes around in 2009. Investing in their office space shows their workforce that they are keen to see things improve and this is extremely vital in the economic downturn, where many are worried about job security.”

Research conducted by the Chartered Management Institute in the form of The Workplace Survey, found that many offices are not meeting their employees needs. The report found that nearly half of those surveyed believed their meeting rooms to be poorly furnished and a further one in five believed that there meeting room was not of adequate size.

Mr Narramore added, “This is possibly down to the lack of furniture companies out there who offer specialist meeting room furniture, but at JS Online have an office furniture range to deal with this problem. Our Senator Harley Standard Table Programme with flexible top shapes and base options is a really trendy solution to a dowdy office space and really makes the most of the room.”

Mr Narramore added, “When re-designing your office space, it is vitally important to consult those who work there and find out what they would like to create. Having a brainstorming session is a great idea as it gives employees a sense of involvement and shows that their opinion is valued. Despite this, it is important that the space remains purpose specific, with office furniture being a main consideration. If you have a sales office, maybe adding extra office storage for sales contacts and opting for an open plan layout would be a good idea to generate that sense of team work.”

For office spaces, where senior and middle management have their own secluded offices, it is important that you break away from the ‘us versus them mentality’ as this can create company divides and can instil a sense of fear in the eyes of any employee who has to consult management on an issue or suggestion that they may have.

Mr Narramore added, “A great option for creating an open plan office space is to take out partitioning and add a communal office desking area. One of our most popular office desks for this purpose is Senator Highway Bench Desk, with 25mm top and choice of either MFC or veneer finish.”

The Chartered Management Institute Survey also found that seven out of ten managers found that some of the offices desks at their place of work were left unused. It is important to reduce unused space and thus the cost implications of this by finding a use for this. Using this space for when remote workers visit the office is a great idea.

Mr Narramore added, “The organisation of space can be quite difficult and it isn’t just about purchasing office furniture and hoping for the best! That’s why it is useful to get in touch with a company who offer a space planning service. At JS Online, our in-house computer aided drawing team can provide you with 2D and 3D layouts to help you decide the most efficient and cost effective design. Presentations can also be arranged at your premises, allowing your colleagues to view drawings and enabling you to change layouts immediately without the hassle and time lost making revisions.”

Posted by Chris Johnson on 22 January 2009