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Office Feng Shui! How To Achieve A Harmonious Work Place

Many businesses are looking at ways to increase the efficiency of their workforce, particularly in the current economic squeeze and as many companies are looking at a down-sized workforce; but what is the best way to harmonise your work environment and make your office interior work for you to create a happy and efficient workforce? Well JS Online, the leading online suppliers of office furniture and office design solutions, have the answer.

Feng Shui, literally translated as wind and water, is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to help life improvement by the receiving of positive qi (‘qi’ can be likened in western thought to notions of positive spirit and vitalism). Used for centuries as a way of achieving harmony within a space, the laws of Feng Shui are being increasingly applied to the world of business and office interiors in an attempt to create optimum working environments. JS Online provide bespoke space planning services to help companies get the most out of their office interiors. In addition to this they supply a wide range of office furniture and ergonomic chairs and workstations designed to provide harmony at work.

Proper space planning is modern Feng Shui for business, and while it may not always follow the ancient laws it can revitalise a workplace, offering a more comfortable and useable office interior. After all, if employees aren’t happy and comfortable at work they won’t work as hard, and if there is wasted space in your offices you are ultimately wasting money.

JS Online have been providing office furniture and office interiors for over 40 years and are committed to helping you and your employees get the most out of where you work. Their extensive range of ergonomic seating for example are designed according to human needs in order to optimise human well-being and overall system performance.

This is all part of JS Online’s commitment to client satisfaction and they will create individually tailored solutions to office planning, from layout and workstations right down to waste paper baskets and electrical ancillaries.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 9 April 2009