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Office Furniture Specialist Hails Benefits Of Adjustability

Equating to more than 12 million days off work each year, back pain is officially on one of biggest threats to the Great British workforce caused by poor posture, office furniture that cannot be adjusted and long periods of time spent immobile. Now the office furniture specialists at JS Online are hailing the benefits of adjustability and encouraging workers to swap their shabby office chairs for an ergonomically designed masterpiece!

It is not uncommon for office workers to sit at a desk for eight hours a day, putting them in danger of shoulder, back and neck pain, highlighting the need for office furniture that promotes both a healthy spine and productivity.

Chris Johnson, Director at JS Online, market leaders in executive office chairs and office interiors, said, “When choosing an adjustable chair it is essential that you look for one with a backrest, lumbar support, arm rests, adequate seat depth and width and one that can swivel if necessary. It sounds like added hassle but reading the manual before use can also help to prevent muscle strain and it will also allow you to see if your chair is giving you full adjustability before use.”

It is important to bear in mind that with adjustability comes individuality and just like clothing, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to choosing a new office task chair. You should always sit in a chair and try it out prior to purchase to make sure that a particular design will give you the support you require.

Mr Johnson, from the firm who specialise in modern office chairs, added, “When trying out a chair for the first time it can be hard knowing what to look out for, but you should make sure that when you sit in your office chair that your feet remain flat on the floor and that the lumbar support fits the inward curve of your lower back. Adjustability is key to this and you should purchase a chair that allows you to alter the position if required for additional comfort.”

A staple of the current JS Online range of ergonomic chairs is the Hag H04 chair. Ergonomically designed, this innovative design recreates the ideal sitting position for active work, while maintaining posture to reduce the likelihood of back pain.

Mr Johnson added, “Here at JS Online we pride ourselves on providing the very best in ergonomic technology, and the Hag H04 chair is a great example of this. Anyone looking to purchase an adjustable chair should contact us, and we will be every happy to advise them on which design would best suit their individual needs.”

1 June, 2009

Posted by Chris Johnson on 1 June 2009