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A good acoustic environment can improve effective interaction, create a positive setting and aid wellbeing. Poor acoustics reduces productivity, hinders enjoyment and increases stress - acoustics is about emotion.

We can help you on the journey to create a new positive and comprehensive acoustic solution for all working and social areas including: -

Office, Public spaces & Museums, Education & Schools, Restaurants, Cafés & Hotels, Retail & Leisure and even the Home

So what are the considerations: -


Sound impacts on whether people have a negative or positive association with a space. A positive soundscape improves our effectiveness, aids our wellbeing and increases our enjoyment of a space. A negative acoustic environment inhibits our productivity, reduces our comfort and increase stress.


We must consider the place and its function to create an appropriate acoustic solution. Equally, the acoustic products should enhance the palette of the interior designer and not restrict the visual integrity of the scheme.


We can accept different soundscapes if they are appropriate to the task: the buzz of a breakout canteen encourages us to socialise and relax, whereas the same noise level would be disruptive in an office work area. The acoustics of an environment must be appropriate to the purpose of the area.

So what are the solutions: -


All soft materials have some absorption benefits. Whether you fill your space with soft seating, plush carpeting, or consider integrating acoustic products into the design, the addition of absorptive materials will improve the general acoustic comfort


Blocking can be achieved by high barriers such as booths, dividers and fully enclosed pods. Even in the most open plan environment, there are options such as glass pods which can be as, small as a telephone box, or large enough to accommodate large meeting tables. Allowing speech privacy whilst following the open plan concept.


Sound masking has been developed to be barely noticeable and sounds similar to airflow, but it is specifically tuned to the frequency and amplitude of human speech to make speech less intelligible. Sound is introduced through speakers in the ceiling, creating a blanket of sound. People can still collaborate with their neighbours, but speech is intelligible from 15.2m to 4.5m, enabling speech privacy and reducing noise distraction.


Individuals performing different tasks have different requirements, making it important to design effective working zones. It is critical to place areas of quiet contemplation away from noisy and disruptive zones. Visual and acoustic separation can be used to signal the function and behaviour appropriate to each space


Rooms with too much reverberation (echo) can be uncomfortable and normal conversation may be difficult. Additional absorption is required to reduce reverberation by preventing reflection off hard surfaces. Use this product, along with others, for the control of reverberation at speech frequencies.

So what can we use to work all this out: -


At the heart of this is The Snowsound acoustic calculation software developed by Caimi, which won international awards and is valued by industry professionals for its precision, reliability and ease of use, with the 2.0 release is even more comprehensive with a powerful sound algorithm that allows the sound of a room to be heard before and after the treatment with Snowsound products. Snowsound software can simulate a room’s acoustic footprint, while accounting for the performance of the materials at the various frequencies and recreate the reverberation effect between 63 and 8000 HZ, a detail that until now has been reserved for the most refined ray tracing software. After the usual data entry processes, Snowsound software not only demonstrates the curves post and pre-installations, it also generates acoustic files that simulate the environment before and after installing Snowsound products

JS Online can supply a wide range of accoustic office furniture and our expert team is always on hand to help you choose the most suitable solution for your environement

Posted by Chris Johnson on 16 October 2019