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Reduce The Economic Squeeze With Space Saving Office Furniture

With cost-cutting an essential part of business in the current economic climate, it seems everyone is trying to look after those pennies, cut down on non essentials and in the worst case scenario even reducing their staffing numbers. After wage costs office space is usually the second biggest cost, therefore, businesses are seeking to lease smaller floor spaces and to squeeze their livelihoods into a much more humble abode, so the million-dollar question is this- How do you fit all of your essentials into a smaller office space without creating claustrophobia amongst your employees? Space saving office furniture that’s how!

Chris Johnson, Director at JS Online, specialists in office furniture, said, “It is a hard time for those in business, and many key decision makers are seeking to save on floor space, at least until the economic climate stabilizes. This is where investing in space saving furniture comes into its own. It is far cheaper to downsize your office space and buy new office furniture to help with this, than to try and pay for a huge office in such turbulent times.”

“Is it so easy to adapt your office interior by using cleverly placed office desks, storage or even by adding stylish screens to split up a work environment. There are so many high quality designs widely available at extremely reasonable prices and this really is the easiest way to maximise space.”

One solution to a lack of space is modular office furniture because you can add pieces as the need arises, this means that if a new member of staff joins your firm you are well equipped to deal with it. Providing that you go for high quality designs and that it is it is professionally put together, modular office furniture will give your office a whole new look.

Another choice is to use in vogue bench desking such as Senator Fairway or Sven Juice these really do make full use of valuable floor space as a number of staff share one desk unit without the waste of space usually associated with traditional office layouts

Alternatively it is often a good idea to invest in floor to ceiling storage. Spacestor Storagewall high density floor to ceiling storage system from JS Online is a great investment as it allows you to store up to two and half times as much filing per square metre of floor space than traditional storage.

In a similar vain for large archival storage and huge floor space saving, high density mobile shelving is a must such as Moresecure Mobile Shelving system, this can save up to a two thirds of floor space occupied by 4 drawer filing cabinets.

A novel idea to make an office space appear bigger is to paint the walls in Pale, neutral colours, especially white, making your office interior appear to be cleaner, larger, lighter and brighter.

Mr Johnson added, “At JS Online, we even have an in-house computer aided drawing team that can provide you with 2D and 3D layouts to help you decide the most efficient and cost effective office design for your space. Presentations can be arranged at your premises, allowing your colleagues to view drawings and enabling you to change layouts immediately without the hassle and time lost making revisions.

“We invite customers to contact us with regards to space saving ideas and products and look forward to tackling their individual special requirements.”

Posted by Chris Johnson on 15 December 2008