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Sit in comfort all day

The best companies always provide the best working environments for their employees. They recognise that a comfortable, happy workforce feels highly valued and extremely well motivated. Productivity in an office is often directly connected to the way those who work there relate to the comfort of the furniture and surroundings.

Another important factor is the health and safety aspect. More and more businesses are realising that employees have a legal right to be comfortable and well-supported by office chairs, for example. More and more of us are having to take time off work because we suffer from back problems, and a poorly designed, or damaged office chair will only exacerbate the problem.

A recent survey carried out by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists has shown that up to 25% of office workers work non-stop through any given working day, so if any of them are using on inappropriate furniture they will soon start to develop lumbar pains, which can of course turn into a permanent condition.

Only one in three employees feel that their office seating is comfortable, a worrying statistic that says much about the long-term health of the nation. With the revelations of surveys such as this, a growing number of companies are reviewing the comfort and design of their existing office furniture.

Office seating shouldn’t just be a matter of sprinkling a few chairs in front of office desks and letting staff members get on with the day ahead. Companies need to make a commitment to providing ergonomic seating that allows for lumbar support and ensures they will go home at the end of the day without crippling back pains.

An ergonomic office chair is specially shaped to provide the perfect seating environment for everyone, and is the ultimate design for modern office chairs. JS Online provide an excellent range that will help your company to provide the ideal conditions in which to get the best performance from your staff.

JS Online also feature a selection of executive office chairs as well as visitor office chairs. They specialise in refitting the whole office environment, with office desks, tables, screens and everything else your business needs. They even supply boardroom chairs and accessories for all areas. Office interiors have never been so beautiful.

With such a wonderful selection of office chairs to choose from, many company managers consult their own employees to plan their ideal office seating. In recent years, health and safety has become a major workplace issue, and the instances of back strain and lumbar pain has led to a large amount of sickness from work.

In the more extreme cases, there has even been compensation cases mounted against businesses. Legal settlements can run into several thousand pounds each time, so supplying adequate seating should be a major consideration for office managers and company owners.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 31 August 2010