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Smart Filing Solutions From JS Online

Many companies will have faced the challenge of document storage in their offices and how to best organise files, paperwork and documents in an effective but space-efficient way. The costs of external storage can be extremely high and so increasingly companies are looking to benefit from smart filing solution in their own offices. JS Online, leading supplier of office furniture and modern office chairs has a wide range of imaginative, affordable solutions which can help any office organise their filing.

The uncertain economic downturn has made it more important than ever for firms to cut costs where possible. External storage costs are one expense firms can do without, and by reducing the office space a company requires they can also save on rent space. These are just two reasons why effective, smart filing and office storage solutions are so important to business and why it is worthwhile considering this type of office furniture.

JS Online specialise in modern, stylish office furniture and they have a range of excellent filing solutions. Their Moresecure racking system is a modular storage solution that offers flexible, effective filing and storage and can be customised specifically to the filing needs of the business. Its modular build also allows companies to situate it in order to save as much space as possible.

Chris Johnson from JS Online who specialise in ergonomic office chairs and boardroom chairs said, “It may be that a company requires high density archive filing either in a fixed or mobile form. Our products can ensure a company gets the maximum filing into the smallest possible area. If real cost saving is important then consider the space saving potential that a storage wall can give you. These walls can save up to two and a half times times as much filing per square metre as traditional filing cabinets.”

JS Online also offer the excellent Senator Mulitplex system which offers a collection of modular elements that can be constructed specifically to the needs of a business. It comes in a range of stylish finishes and sizes with extruded aluminium frames.

Mr Johnson from the company who specialise in office desks added, “We have a wide range of filing solutions perfect for any business. These range from simple shelving units to modular storage walls such as the ‘Active Wall’ in addition to mobile storage systems which provide the ideal space saving solution for high density archiving solutions.”

Storage is available in either wood or metal to suit your office environment.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 29 September 2009