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Space Saving Storage Solutions

If you’re looking for comprehensive storage solutions for your office space, look no further than the leading providers of office furniture, JS Online.

Their extensive range of office storage will ensure you never run out of space again. Whether you want simple filing cabinets and tambour cupboards, or a high density archive filing system, they have all the big brands available. From Metrix to Universal, the firm has it all! They can get the maximum amount of filing and storage in the smallest office spaces.

For small office spaces, a few filing cabinets such as the Triumph two, three or four drawer filing cabinets coupled with the Triumph Metrix Metal Storage System from the firm that does office desks and seating, is ideal. You can keep all your files tucked neatly away as well as keep those small bits and bobs out of the way. You could even go for the Triumph Personal Storage to give your employees their own personal space to store their things without taking up too much room.

If you are looking to save on cost, why not try installing a storage wall system like HiStore or Spacestor provide. According to the office interiors specialists, this can save you up to two-and-a-half times as much filing space compared to traditional filing systems. The systems are versatile and are available in a finish to suit your office interior and environment. The experts at JS Online are on hand to guide you and they even do office fit-outs if you haven’t got time on your hands to do all the running around getting the various products and having them put in.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 2 June 2010