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Spend the Pennies and Save the Pounds on Office Furniture

In these tough economic times it is important to make savings wherever possible. Are you considering replacing worn out or broken office furniture? This can be a costly procedure. Why not seek office furniture repair from JS Online instead, a procedure that could see you save you up to 75% on furniture replacement.

The firm’s furniture repair service means you don’t have to fork out for new furniture every time something breaks or tears. You can keep re-using your current office furniture and save your business money in the long run, as well as making a conscious effort to stop landfill by avoiding simply scrapping existing furniture.

The service from the office chair specialists includes seating re-upholstery, screen re-upholstery, wood and metal frame repair, furniture repair, French polishing and replacement parts for broken furniture. All this with a quick turnaround time so you’re not left too long without your furniture and a guarantee on all work.

Chris Johnson of JS Online said: “In a time where people are becoming more careful about where and how much they spend, the furniture repair service from JS Online is ideal.

“You don’t have to worry about spending huge amounts on new furniture should something break, and your office furniture is left looking as good as new. Whether it’s wood, metal, upholstery or replacement parts such as wheels, we guarantee all our work so you have the peace of mind of knowing you’re getting the best service.”

JS Online also specialise in office interiors, ergonomic seating and office desks for new businesses or businesses that want to give their office a whole new look on a budget.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 3 March 2011