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Take Your Work Home With JS Online!

With the freedom that working from home can bring, there are also many challenges, which include juggling your family life and work, keeping work and domestic chores separate, and creating a productive space in which to expand both your business acumen and thriving enterprise. Now to help millions with their home office predicaments, office furniture expert, Chris Johnson from JS Online, is offering sound yet practical on striking that right balance at home.

Q1: I have just started to work from home after having my first child and I don’t know where to start in terms of finding suitable office furniture, do you have any advice?

A: It can be difficult creating a functional space at home, but my best advice would be to make your home office as inviting as possible. Many people in a nine to five job hate the artificial lighting, uncomfortable office chairs and drab interiors, so it makes little sense to re create this at home. Invest in a smaller office desk to make the space appear much larger, after all how many of us just use a laptop at home?! Pay attention to decoration, invest in office plants, mood lighting and artwork- bear in mind that at home you are in charge and anything goes!

Q2: I suffer with really bad back pains at work and now I am working from home I want to avoid this where possible, which modern office chairs should I be looking for?

A: I would suggest looking for ergonomic office chairs, as these take common complaints into consideration. These chairs actively work to reduce common complaints like Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), muscle aches, joint pain and headaches, many of the top furniture specialists offer great ergonomically designed chairs that are both modern and unique.

Q3: I have so much stuff! Can you suggest any great storage units for use at home?

A: Storage can often be the battle of two evils, although you want to make more space, hefty units can make a small office seem overcrowded. Some of the best home storage systems on the market are our Personal Storage Units. These units allow people to maintain their personal space, without a mammoth unit taking up all of the floor space, and their nifty drawers and huge colour choice, mean that there is something to suit everyone.

Q5: I do not have much desk space, but there are some essential items that need to be stationed there- what should I do?

That’s simple, invest in an ancillary. You can get ancillaries for many uses nowadays, to hold your computer monitor or maybe try flexible office lighting, with a very small base for added desk space, without having to compromise. There are ways around having a room, which is lacking in workspaces, just seek advice from a professional.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 5 May 2009