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Teamwork Is Key Say JS Online

For many, working in a pod office setup is a reminder of the monotony of their jobs. Partitioned desks and small cubicles can often bear a slight resemblance to a cage or a claustrophobic prison. Now, JS Online, the leading supplier of office chairs and office desks are championing the use of ‘team friendly’ office furniture.

Whether it is a large desk that is shared with others or a small, cluttered pod, an office setup can significantly contribute to the overall morale and productivity of a company. Offices which are laid out as a big row of desks with no physical barriers and no pods create an environment where asking a question is something that is strongly encouraged.

These ‘team friendly’ setups are simple - a desk, office chair, phone, and computer. Everyone has the same setup as the rest of the employees, and sit in the same general area regardless of rank or seniority. This type of office setup not only lends itself to greater teamwork, but it also boosts morale and productivity. Those that are fortunate enough to have fun at work, and genuinely enjoy their interactions, will be just as productive if not more so than those in a closed environment.

Chris Johnson from JS Online who specialise in ergonomic office chairs and boardroom chairs said, “Twenty first century offices need more than just workstations. Employees need space where they can meet, interact and brainstorm and although conference rooms fulfil this need, they take up a lot of space. As a result, many companies are investing in functional furniture that allows optimum utilisation of minimal space and enhances productivity.”

Examples of such furniture include bench desks and JS Online supply a wide range of stylish, modern bench desks which offer not only functionality but also an open environment to encourage employee interaction.

Mr Johnson from the company who specialise in office desks added, “Open office setups are more effective in the long run. Not only do these setups encourage collaboration between colleagues but they also can create social connections that build happy relationships. As any manager or owner will know, a happier office is a more productive one.”

Now, more than ever, it is increasingly important to create an atmosphere that is conducive to brainstorming and sharing ideas, while streamlining efficiency. This can all be affected by the general layout of a company’s office furniture, and can help to make or break its future prosperity.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 29 September 2009