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The Advantages of ErgonomicSeating

Having the appropriate office seating is essential. A simple thought but really important, especially if you want to avoid employee complaints and potential legal cases if the current office furniture causes any injury or is not suitable. With this in mind, JS Online, a market leader in the provision of leading supplier of office interiors, boardroom tables and modern office chairs, explains why ergonomic seating is the way forward.

Many of us believe that it is relaxing to sit but actually, sitting exerts a significant amount of stress on our back, buttocks and thighs and so sitting for long periods of time can become problematic. Ergonomic office chairs have been designed to give the user maximum comfort and convenience, the latter having a positive impact on employee productivity.

Reducing back pain, discomfort and the risk of injury are just some of the advantages of ergonomic office chairs. This range of seating has been manufactured after years of research into body movement, skeletal stress and problems with posture leading to aches and pain. The overall result? Improved health, higher productivity and sheer comfort.

Chris Johnson, Director of JS Online, which also offers executive office chairs and office interiors, said, “Here at JS Online, we offer a wide range of ergonomic seating. The team here understands how important it is for office workers across the UK to be as productive as possible, especially in the current economic climate. It really is amazing how much an ergonomic office chair can increase work efficiency, simply due to providing more comfort and better support than standard office chairs.”

Posted by Chris Johnson on 20 November 2009