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The Benefits of Bespoke Office Furniture

When you set up a new office for your business, the interior design and furniture might not be something you really give much thought to. All you want to do is throw some alright looking pieces of furniture in there and get your staff in and ready to work. However, it’s well worth thinking about your furnishings, and the advantages that some well-chosen designs can produce.

The interior design of your office is a lot more important than you think. If you’re tasked with furnishing an entire office, you might quickly and cheaply pop down to your local Ikea and make a bulk purchase of desks, shelving units and coffee tables. Probably stopping off for some Swedish meatballs on the way out, you’ll then get back and regret your choices, as you discover screws are missing and try to connect a chair wheel to a shelf bracket.

We all know the horrors of self-installed flat pack furniture, but of course, that isn’t your only option. You can of course buy some ready made pieces of furniture, but maybe you should look for something more unique?

As we wrote earlier - your office interior design is important. As well as making your employees feel like they’re working at a place that means business, you can leave a lasting impression on potential clients. When you bring a new customer in for a meeting, you don’t want them to look around and think it all looks a little low budget. That could lead to them thinking the same about you and your company. You want them to walk into a vibrant place that gives off the feeling of professionalism and trust. Imagine watching ‘The Apprentice’, seeing Lord Sugar giving the candidates a right going over while sitting behind an Ikea coffee table with a wonky leg. It just wouldn’t work.

Instead, Lord Sugar sits at a shiny boardroom table, which was probably designed and created especially for the TV programme. You can jump a step forward from flatpacking it by buying a piece of ready made furniture, but then you have to make sure it’s the right size and will fit perfectly where you want it. In reality, that probably won’t happen - furniture shops don’t make their furniture based on your plans. This is where bespoke furniture comes in.

Bespoke furniture is of course, more expensive, but it’s worth the extra spend. The priority when choosing the perfect furniture, is choosing the perfect size. Usually, when furnishing your space, you’ll know exactly what you need and where, and if you’re a perfectionist, you’ll want your new additions to be the right size, all the way down to the last millimetre. You don’t want any awkward gaps at the edge of your new shelving unit, leaving a tiny bit of undusted and unreachable wall on show for all eternity.

Bespoke furniture isn’t all about convenient sizes though - it can be about standing out from the rest. Every furniture store seems to sell very similar things. Nothing’s really different enough to make you think, “This could be an interesting thing for my office”. So why not design it yourself? If you’re bored of every office having the same designs, you can come up with your own. You could make some subtle changes, or you could go all out and put forward an eye-catching, ‘different’ piece of furniture to a willing company who would take great pleasure in producing it for you.

Taking the extra time to really think about your office furniture, and producing a bespoke design is completely worth it. Your office interiors will look perfect, and your business will shine a positive glow to your potential clients and partners.

This post was written by Glasslab.co.uk.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 11 August 2015