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The Best Meeting Furniture to Keep Your Team Inspired

Looking for the best office furniture online to help enhance your meeting environments?

Would you like to keep your team inspired by exciting and stylish seating and tables? Keep the creative juices flowing and improve the effectiveness of work meetings with our range of high-quality meeting furniture.

Here at JS Online, we supply collaborative workplace furniture that combines intelligent design, quality and value. Experiment with attractive shapes and designs that will excite employees and keep their minds at ease – allowing meetings to be more productive and fluid.

Explore our range of innovative office furniture online and take your meeting rooms to the next level today.

Kite Tables

Revolutionise the way you use your meeting space with Ocee Design Kite Tables. This durable folding table is easy to move, fold and store and is designed to optimise your meeting experience. The kite shape of the table allows for each person to have their own designated working space without compromising on sight. Say goodbye to the discomfort of having to straddle a table leg, write over a seam or be squished into a corner. Enjoy an agile working environment that accommodates all team members, and doesn’t leave anyone out of the picture.


Give your office a little extra style, edge and comfort with our range of modern meeting points. The Serendipity collection offers an intelligent and stylish storage solution while acting as a convergence point. Great ideas can be waiting right around the corner with desks that take team meetings one step further. Start producing meaningful work in the best environment that complements all working styles.

Silta High Table

Perch, connect and create. The Silta High Table works to meet your needs and requirements as it is designed for breakout spaces and ad-hoc meetings. Keep your meeting environment flexible, approachable and adaptable with a modern, industrial design. The high table also features convenient bag hooks and connectivity points to make for seamless meetings.

Would you like to find the best office furniture online that will help improve your meeting spaces? Explore our fantastic range of Meeting Furniture and discover high-quality products that suit your working style best. Contact us today to discuss your requirements further – we are always happy to help!

Posted by Chris Johnson on 22 December 2019