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The Dos and Don’ts Of Office Chairs

When it comes to choosing the right office chair, it is absolutely essential you have the appropriate support, especially if your job requires you to spend most of your day in it. With this in mind, JS Online, one of the UK’s leading providers of office interiors, office furniture and ergonomic seating, has put together this guide to help make that choice easier.


Ensure It Has The Right Back Support

A wide range of office chairs come with specially-developed back supports (or backrests), particularly handy if you have sciatica or any other problems with your back. Ensure that the backrest supports the natural curve of the spine.


Adjustability - Swivel, Lock & Tilt

Most conventional office chairs and ergonomic chairs now provide easy rotation, allowing the user to reach different areas of the desk or workspace without straining their body. An adjustable tilt mechanism improves circulation and works with the lock to ensure that you can recline with ease.


Ensure An Adjustable Seat Height

A good chair needs to allow you to rest your feet on the floor, while also allowing for it to be adjusted should anyone else sit on it. An adjustable seat height will also maximise your comfort at work.


Think The Most Expensive Are Always The Best

Buying an ergonomic chair does not need to break the bank - in fact, it is a common myth that high quality comes with a high price. JS Online offers a range of ergonomic office chairs at fantastic prices, which provide maximum comfort and value-for-money, particularly handy in the current economic climate.


Make A Quick Decision

Using your chair everyday, you want to ensure that you do not simply rush into buying a ‘special offer’ or ‘bargain buy’. You need to ensure that the chairs in which you invest for yourself, your staff and your company meet the relevant regulations and also provide maximum comfort.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 4 November 2009