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The First Impression Counts Make The First Impression Count - with JS Online

JS Online, the specialist providers of office interiors and office furniture, are helping businesses to perk up their offices with their range of welcoming reception furniture.

The company which supplies executive office chairs and ergonomic seating, recognises the importance of keeping the point of entrance to your working environment as impressive as your business standards, and supplies a range of reception desks and reception seating which are sure to create a positive impact on visitors to your business, whether they are already loyal clients, or if you are in the process of making them a loyal client.

Chris Johnson, Director at JS Online, the firm which also provides a full range of office desks and chairs, said, “It’s very important for businesses to understand the significance of the reception area to a prospective client; it may just seem like tables and chairs, but being creative with your office interiors shows that you pay attention to the fine details, and want to be the best in everything you do. It shows that you value your staff, and your clients.”

Among the products offered by the company, the Fulcrum 38 range of reception desks have proven popular with their clients, and give a sleek and efficient feel to the reception area. Offering plenty of room for storage, the stylish curves of the desk will definitely appeal to clients. The Evolution reception desk is another choice that maximises the modern and minimalistic look, with its classic glass top which creates a sense of space and tidiness in the office.

In addition to desks, JS Online provide a range of reception office seating and tables that will be sure to greet your clients well, such as the Qube or Rotor seating range from Connection, or the bold and stylish Boundary sofa from Orangebox.

Mr Johnson, from the firm who offer everything from office desks to office storage, added, “No client would take kindly to being greeted in an old mismatched reception, as it creates an immediate negative effect. Failure to modernise your reception can often denote that in business, you may not keep ahead, and this may give your competitors the edge against you. With help from JS Online, you can make sure that your workplace works as hard for your company as you do.”

Posted by Chris Johnson on 22 July 2009