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The Soft Environment Office - The Big Debate

As major developments in the office furniture sector have given rise to the proliferation of high tech office equipment such as lap tops and other portable devices, industry experts claim that we are on the verge of a new trend known only as the ‘Soft Environment Office’.

Chris Johnson from JS Online who specialise in ergonomic office chairs and boardroom chairs said, “Experts are calling this trend the ‘Soft Environment Office’ partly down to the introduction of PDAs and other hi tech devises which have made working in more comfortable locations a reality for many which has in turn removed the need for the traditional cubicle style layout.”

Backed by findings from the Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, which found that an employee’s physical environment can have a major impact on both their overall performance at work and their overall mood, this new trend is expected to be favorable among health officials worldwide.

As the physical environment of workers in addition to their office layouts are found to have a huge impact on overall productivity, adding support to the view that a fluid set up is the way forward for office interior design.

Mr Johnson added, “Traditionally the cubicle style office layout was introduced to keep employees focused on their work, but today the main focus seems to be on making sure that employees are both relaxed and happy within their working environment and encouraging a more dynamic working environment.

“Some office spaces are even incorporating soft style chairs into specified communal working areas to allow employees to work from their laptops.”

Offering a wide range of ‘Soft Environment’ furniture solutions, including the Arch range of seating solutions, the team at JS Online are firm believers in comfortable seating. Manufactured by Connection, these curved sofas are available in one, two and three seat combinations and come complete with aluminium feet.

Alternatively, for businesses which are extremely style savvy, the Adda range of reception seating is ideal. Complete with a stylish monochrome design, this design also offers configurable flexibility, which makes it suitable for any shaped room.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 27 October 2009