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The ultimate office make-over that won’t cost you the earth

There may be a financial crisis happening in the world, but it doesn’t mean the office needs to remain in tatters. According to market leaders in office interiors and office furniture, JS Online, it doesn’t need to cost the earth to transform a shabby office space into a cleaner, smarter, welcoming and more professional environment for impressing clients and visitors alike.

The office effect

An office reflects the people that work in it just as a home reflects the people that live in it. Which is why the proverb, “first impressions last”, could never be more true. A poor first impression affects business, leaves a bad impression with clients and contributes to low morale in the office. According to the office furniture gurus, a few simple changes are all that it takes.

Clean up your act

Tidy office, tidy mind. Time to get the team together for a little clean up. Wash or destroy the pile of coffee mugs sitting around the office, including the one residing in the washroom. Bin paper planes scattered across the floor and call in the cleaner to give the windows a sheen. In other words, tidy up.

Furniture repair

Wobbling desks and worn out cushion seats, if not beyond saving, can be fixed. JS Online offer an office furniture repair service that includes re-upholstery, replacement parts and furniture repair.

Office Space

What needs throwing out? Time to de-clutter and get rid of items you’ve walked past and never noticed since the office opened five years ago. How does the furniture fit into the space? Arrange to create more space or invest in some new office storage systems.


Avoid clutter, so if it can’t be thrown out, then it must be stored somewhere. Economic solutions to storage include shelves, racks and filing cabinet that can be conveniently stored in the corner of the office.

Come together

Management may not have the budget to hire painters and decorators yet the paint is peeling off the walls. Now is a good time as any for the team to come together and give the office a good coat of paint - a team working exercise that will simultaneously boost morale and bring people together.


It doesn’t need to cost a fortune, however some items in the office will need replacing. Whether office seating or office desks, prioritise and select key items that need to be thrown out and replaced.

Et voila! A cleaner, friendlier office created with a few repairs, some replacement items, a coat of paint and a plant or two!

Posted by Chris Johnson on 14 January 2010