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Too cold to venture outside the office? Stay comfy inside instead

With recent freak weather and extremely low temperatures, less and less of us will venturing outside our offices whilst at work this winter. As an alternative many employees will choose to just remain at their desks or to take advantage of their offices breakout seating areas. As employees spend an increasing amount of their time in the office it is essential to ensure that the seating both at their desks and away from their desks is comfy and suitable. Thankfully JS Online has a wide range of ergonomic and extremely comfy office furniture, perfect for making any office a pleasant place to be this winter.

The winter months can be depressing for us all, especially if we are forced to be stuck in the office all day due to the conditions outside. If seating inside the office is inadequate or is not comfy, then employees may very well become disgruntled and unmotivated, leading to a reduction in efficiency. JS Online has a wide range of office seating and furniture ideal to ensure that this winter any office is more than adequately provided for.

Good quality office chairs are vital to ensuring your employees can work and relax in upmost comfort, so they can work at their most productive. The Connection Venue Sofa from JS Online is the perfect type of breakout seating for employees, comfortable, affordable and stylish, the sofa is the perfect place to relax whilst retaining a very professional and smart look to the office.

At the desk its hard to beat the Herman Miller Aeron Design Classic Chair, one of the most popular office chairs, its ergonomic design is designed to provide ultimate comfort for the user, meaning that many of the posture and health risks of working at a desk all day are avoided and negated.

JS Online has a wide variety of office furniture perfect for making an office a cosy and welcome home this winter,

Posted by Chris Johnson on 7 December 2010