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Turn Your Home Office into a Positive Working Environment

For many, the home office is their primary workplace. Even more people are turning to self-employment and starting up their own businesses from their studies (such as landlords). The home office can be a dull, uninspiring and distracting place to work from, so in order to maximise your own work efficiency, we took a look at some things you can do to create a positive working environment.

Comfy Office Chair

A high backed director’s chair can make any home office more comfortable. Sitting at a computer desk for hours in the day can put unwanted strain on the back, so the right chair is important. Make sure you choose a home office chair with good arm supports, lumbar support and preferably an adjustable back rest. It’s no good just having a swivel chair that is height adjustable; after hours sitting in an uncomfortable chair, you will soon realise that a high quality chair is a sound investment.

Glass Dry Wipe Boards

If you have a blank wall in your office going spare, an exciting and versatile glass alternative to the traditional “Whiteboard / Marker Board”. Having a wall you can write and draw on is a great way to keep notes, draw inspirational cartoons and brainstorm new ideas. With your glass dry wipe board just remember to keep the drawings clean – you never know when you will want to conduct a meeting from the office.

Posters and Pictures

Brighten up the office walls with a few interesting pieces of artwork or some posters. Posters with famous quotes and speeches are a good motivational tool for when the working day is becoming mundane. Anything that breaks up blank walls and provides a rest from staring at a screen is a good place to start.


A bit of greenery around the office can really brighten the room up. Scientists have proven that having plants around the home significantly increases the quality of air - A healthy worker is a happy worker. If flowers aren’t your thing, consider a cactus or Venus fly trap, or perhaps even a miniature Bonsai tree.


It seems like a counterproductive move to have a television in the office, but having a news channel on mute is a fantastic way for keeping up to date with the world’s news. Breaking news stories are a great way of inspiring new content ideas and can give you a much needed boost when the ideas have dried up.

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Posted by Chris Johnson on 2 August 2013