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Unclutter that dangerous office

Accidents in the workplace are a sad but inevitable fact these days, and can of course lead to litigation that could end up costing thousands of pounds every time. The most obvious dangers would perhaps be in a factory or on the road, but there are many incidents which occur in the less hectic environment of an office.

The commonest of office incidents generally involve lumbar problems caused by inappropriate office seating, but another very real danger comes from slips, trips and falls. Many offices are overly cluttered, causing unnecessarily cramped conditions for employees. It’s almost inevitable that there will be the occasional problem.

With a poorly laid out office interior, office seating can be transformed into obstacles, and office desks represent a genuine inconvenience for any employee and visitor. Office chairs and other items need to be situated as unobtrusively as possible, and a rethink may be necessary when it comes to storage.

Without the provision of adequate cupboards and shelving, many offices end up with various items stored on the floor. Reams of photocopier paper and boxes of stationery are downright dangerous, making office interiors a place of potential disaster, in which every trip to the coffee machine carries a chance of an accident.

Statistics show that a happy and contented workforce performs better than one that is unhappy, so providing ergonomic seating to sit in and uncluttered corridors to walk in can make the difference between commercial success and abject failure. And all the furniture, including visitor office chairs, needs to be safely located.

Modern office chairs are very well designed, and will go under desks when not in use. The humble ergonomic office chair is a miracle of design, providing lumbar support when in use and remaining out of the way when not being utilised. Even in the boardroom, chairs can slide under the table.

If you’ve decided to refit the working environment, you’ve chosen a good time to do so. At JS Online, the range of office furniture cannot be beaten. Prices are remarkably low, so it’s easy to rearrange the whole environment, making it safer and far less cluttered in the process.

Many company managers choose to consult staff members on the re-design. They value the opinions of their workforce and realise that they’re the ones who have to spend their entire day in the office. It makes sense to seek counsel from those who really are in the know, and who can provide excellent insights.

In private offices, the need to be free of clutter is just as important. Executive office chairs need to be selected carefully, as do desks, tables and cupboards. Even trailing electrical cables can be a serious hazard, so the refit needs to take all aspects of office layout into consideration.

In the coming months, if you decide to reorganise the office, the benefits to the business will soon be clearly felt. With a wonderful new working environment for your staff, the increase in employee satisfaction will lead to increased efficiency in no time.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 31 August 2010