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VDU Requirements For Office Chairs - A Comprehensive Guide

There are many health and safety requirements in the workplace. One of the most common regulations found in office environments is the Display Screen Equipment schedule which requires employers to carry out workplace assesments where there are visual display units (VDUs). Desks, lighting and computer hardware all have to be inspected as part of these regulations as does the humble office chair.

JS Online, leading supplier of office interiors and ergonomic seating have vast experience of providing ergonomic office chairs to help employers adhere to these Government regulations. The Health and Safety Executive guidelines are designed to make sure that employees are comfortable at their workstations and do not suffer from any eyesight issues or any musculoskeletal or back pain as a result of their work.

Chris Johnson from JS Online who specialise in ergonomic office chairs and visitor office chairs says, “A comfortable office chair is one of the most important ways a company can comply with the VDU workstation requirements. A good chair should be easily adjustable, have a swivel mechanism and castors or glides and the user should be able to ensure the back, tilt and height is suitable for their working position.”

The adjustment functions of a good office chair are essential to the comfort of an employee. The small of the back should be well supported by a backrest in order that the user has a straight back and the height should be altered so the user’s eyes are level with the top of the VDU they are using.

Mr Johnson added, “It is also important that the height of the chair ensures the user can place their feet flat on the floor without too much pressure from the seat on the back of the legs. If this is not possible then a footrest may be needed in addition to an ergonomic, adjustable chair.”

The arms of an office chair are also an important factor when ensuring a user’s workstation complies with the regulations. Chair arms might prevent an employee from getting close enough to the desk to use the equipment comfortably and other obstructions around the desk space might restrict the chair movement. Cables and other furniture might also have to be relocated in order that the chair has full freedom of movement. As well as chairs JS Online offer a wide range of ergonomic accessories to ensure that employers comply fully with the regulations

Every employer should be undertaking a regular review of each individual VDU workstation to ensure compliance with the HSE regulations. JS Online can supply ergonomic, fully adjustable office chairs in order that every employee can sit comfortably and painlessly to use their display screen equipment whilst meeting the HSE guidelines.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 24 August 2009