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Want More Space?

With the economy the way it is many businesses hoping to reassess their place in the market and stimulate company growth are looking at making the most of their existing resources. Whether that involves the restructuring of employees, or a reassessment of the services your business provides, the bottom line it maintaining fully utilised resources, however the most under used and often expensive resource most businesses have is all around them - space. JS Online, who specialise in office furniture and office interiors, can help any business utilise their working environment.

With over 40 years experience in the office furniture and interiors market, supplying a diverse range of clients including private and public companies, local and central government, and many blue chip organisations, JS Online are well placed to help you reassess an office space and realise its full potential. They provide bespoke office design solutions which can help promote a more work friendly office space and increase efficiency. Further to this JS Online’s wide range of office interiors and furniture can help keep your workforce happy and healthy, as after all uncomfortable unmotivated team is of no use whatsoever.

Their in-house computer design team can provide you with 2D and 3D layouts to help you decide the most efficient and cost effective design. Presentations can be arranged at your premises, allowing your colleagues to view drawings and enabling you to change layouts immediately without the hassle and time lost making revisions. This is all part of JS Online’s commitment to client satisfaction and they will create individually tailored solutions to office planning, from layout and workstations right down to waste paper baskets and electrical ancillaries.

With a wide range of quality furniture including office desks, tables, screens and storage options as well as a wide range ergonomic seating and office chairs, JS Online are proud to be able to offer an unparalleled portfolio of products together with the benefits of dealing with a single supplier.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 9 April 2009