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Ways To Make the Hybrid Office More Sustainable Through Furniture

Utilise Innovative Design Solutions

Furniture manufacturers such as Spacestor pride themselves on their innovative designs which are efficient by nature. All their designs are made for the workplace of the future, and as a result are inherently space saving and sustainable.

For example, Verandas make a dramatic space saving when compared with the efficiency of meeting room space, as well as being 99% reusable. Their modular solutions such as our Bleachers are agile and adaptable, and their Storagewall is completely re-configurable, avoiding cost and waste produced by discarding existing products to build new ones elsewhere. Yet most importantly, Spacestor products are at least 85% recyclable, so if there’s ever a need to discard your furniture, impact on the environment is minimal.

Experiment with Spaces

An effective way of seeing if a design is sustainable is to experiment with furniture and layouts to ensure they’re fit for purpose before committing. Palisades in particular with their modular design open a lot of room for movement in the future, you don’t have to think about waste you can just reuse the components and create a new type of space.

Ranges like Adapt from Senator provide a constant reaction to the change of an individual’s daily working routine. Born out of the idea to create mobile partitions — to enable more agile, fluid, and flexible spaces — empowering every user to create spaces that work for them at that moment.

It’s lightweight form is deceivingly agile, enabling greater ease of movement yet being extremely stable ensures Adapt Wall can confidently transform any space on demand.

Use the Right Materials

The importance of using recyclable, reusable and eco-friendly materials in all aspects of workplace design is still key. Avoid plastics and opt for bio-based materials to give your workspace breathable, healthy materials that last into the future.

Simply using natural materials in office design such as plants has a huge impact on occupational health with a biophilic design offering several benefits in the workplace, including stress reduction, improved productivity and better air quality. If in doubt, opt for furniture with Declare labels, and ensure you know what ingredients are used in your furniture.

Many of the manufacturers in our portfolio such as Senator Group don’t just pay lip service to sustainability. They don’t do it because it’s fashionable. It’s something they genuinely care about. Sustainability is written in to everything that they do. It’s in their designs, their manufacturing and their delivery. Every one of their products is at least 99% recyclable with many being 100%.

In fact, they care so much about reducing the impact on the environment, that they even opened a new division of their business called Sustain

Posted by Chris Johnson on 7 June 2022