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Would Your Workstation Pass The Test? Ask JS Online

In competitive and busy times such as these, it is very easy to overlook the finer details of our working life and corporate environment. The space in which we spend vast amounts of time and effort to produce our finest work is often seen as nothing more than that, just space. However, JS Online, the market leaders in the provision of office furniture and ergonomic seating, are helping an increasing number of firms to assess their office interiors and maximise their potential.

Using their expertise and experience in office life, JS Online can assess the needs of your company and your workforce, and help you to find the balance which will keep all sides happy and productive.

Utilising the science of ergonomics, the specialists at JS Online bring working standards and practices in line with government guidelines, which can increase motivation and morale in the workplace, and boost client and customer satisfaction.

JS Online will take into account a variety of factors known to contribute to problems in the office: the demands of the job at hand, the equipment and information used, along with aspects of the physical environment. Using the findings of this assessment, a report is created to recommend accurate and efficient ergonomic seating and office desks for your office.

Common office-related problems such as repetitive strain injury, wrist, neck and back pain are all attributed to inadequate seating and workstation provisions. Issues such as these may prove to be detrimental to your company’s collective productivity, especially if simple changes are overlooked by those in management.

Chris Johnson, Director at JS Online, the market leaders in executive office chairs and office interiors, said, “We are pleased to be able to offer our experience as a means of improving working standards for office workers all over the UK. Not only is it uplifting and revitalising for your office and its staff, it is also safety-conscious cost effective.”

As well as proving beneficial to staff on an immediate level, the safe guarding of the office can also reduce potential for future accidents and long term health risks.

Mr Johnson added, “These things often seem like minor unimportant details until an accident happens, by which point it’s too late to make amends. Let JS Online provide you with a solution that can help you and your workforce to keep moving forward.”

Posted by Chris Johnson on 15 July 2009