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Breakout Seating

At JS Online we provide a comprehensive range of Breakout Seating. Breakout Chairs are ideally suited for canteen, restaurant and informal meeting areas. We also offer Breakout Tables and office ancillaries to help create usable and very contemporary office interiors.

Antelope »
An iconic example of post-war chair design

Arlo »
Colour me happy

Away from the Desk »
A dynamic and extensive upholstery system

Axyl »
A killer cafe chair

Bleachers »
Customizable, reconfigurable, personal

Block »
Block is designed to create a clean look in any eating area

Boom »
A recreation of the classic winged high back library chair

Bounce & Neeky »
Stylish wood frame lounge chairs with design led ski foot

Butterfly-Leisure »
Timeless charm available in two heights options

Cardita »
Where vintage and modern collide

Casper »
Stylish and contemporary café and dining chairs & stools

Cega »
Cega offers personal touchdown space, both individual and exclusive

Chicago »
Ideal for both indoor or outdoor environments

Clara »
Beauty with form

Classic »
Classic reception "Barcelona" style chairs provide ageless design…

Cocoon »
Cocoon is one simple unit for collaborative working - relaxed…

Conic »
Conic is a refreshing, eye-catching and exciting take on various…

Cooper »
Just like that

Cove »
The Cove chair family - Work - Contract - Home - Outdoor

Crop »
Suitable for al fresco dining & socialising

Curve »
Curve is an extremely curvaceous and elegant form

DA »
Classic wingback seating

Dean »
Dean’s form is pared down to a real simplicity

Dench »
A reinterpretation of a classic garden lounge chair design

Dishy »
Dishy is stylish tub style seating

Elegance »
Working together

Famiglia »
Meet the family

Fastfood »
Heavy duty canteen fixed seating for any canteen environment

Fifty Series »
Fifty Series is a desirable, compact design

Folk »
Timeless in its seemingly familiar design

FourLikes Family »
Movability and flexibility

FourUs Family »
A flexible and dynamic solution

Gazelle Table »
Retro style cafe table

Giggle »
The Giggle chair is the perfect style statement for a modern…

Gloss »
The Gloss chair is ergonomic in its shape and form, Gloss offers…

Grainger »
A modern take on classic design

Halo »
Halo chairs make a strong visual statement without compromising…

Happy Rocker »
Comfortable and joyously informal

Harc »
Huddle space for an impromptu team meeting

Haven »
Haven as it names suggest is collabrative haven within a office…

HenRay »
Henray is stylish modular designer seating

Herbie »
Quite a character

Heron & Flamingo »
Exceptional comfort with dynamic sculptural form

Hilly »
Durable, affordable and flexible

Hug »
Modern range of chairs with a distinctive yet altogether familiar…

Ice »
Ice stacking chairs with a youthful design and innovative use…

Jaicer »
Simply beautiful chairs & tables that is constructed entirely…

Jig »
Scandinavian styling combined with traditional comfort

Jo Jo »
Jo Jo stools are striking, elegant and curvaceous

Kala »
Kala is contemporary seating promoting relaxation and comfort

Kin »
Elegantly strong mono-shell seating

Kruze »
Kruze chairs display presence and panache that belies its versatility

Lolli »
A solid back elegant chair

London »
An elegant occasional chair

Mayze »
The classiest sit

Mollie »
Mollie chairs have luxurious and satisfying design

Moss & Yolo »
A reinterpretation of the classic deck chair

Mote »
Meet, Retreat

Mozaik »
No Rules

Naked »
Versatile chair for indoor and outdoor use

On Your Jays »
A funky stool ideal for any cafe area

Open »
Open seating is elegant and relatively compact

Outlaw »
Vintage Wild West Styling

Pause »
Pause is the latest in bench style sitting

Pebble »
Pebble is a superb seating option for a multitude of informal…

Peeps »
Reworking of a classic 1970's sofa with a contemporary twist

Phoulds »
Elegantly poised with unrivalled comfort

Privacy Pods »
Providing enhanced acoustic privacy

Qu »
It's hip to be square

Raft »
Raft seating offers maximum flexibility and unrivalled levels…

Riva »
simple yet stylish with high density stacking ability

Roam »
Versatility Designed

Rocker »
The re-imagining of a classic rocking chair

Roebuck »
A simple retro look café chair

Setter »
Subtle Mid-Century inspired detailing

Shuffle »
Shuffle offer an Informal meeting space both contoured and functional

Skyline »
Modular units for multiple configurations

Sling »
A stylish lounge chair with wire frame

Smith »
Ultra flexible seating range

Stretch »
Stretch is retro style landscape seating

Tarry »
The classic wing back lounge chair, Reinvented

Tom, Dick & Harry »
Tom, Dick & Harry is a striking collection of upholstered seating

Tommo »
Tommo chairs are perfect for a wide variety of applications

Tope »
Modern soft styling with traditional wood frame

Touch »
Touch reception seating is beautifully simple and completely…

Track Work »
Track chairs are designed for use at work height, whether relaxing…

Transit »
Stacking range of breakout seating with powder coated wire frame…

Tryst »
Whether you need to collaborate, focus or socialise in the workplace,…

Vee »
For quiet contemplation

Venus »
Venus is a versatile, compact tub chair with a moulded foam body…

Venus »
An elegant silhouette

Working Girl Bar & Cafe »
An ideal option for high traffic commercial applications

Working Girl Lounge »
Utilitarian styling with a robust material choice